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Typical results from actual Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Reflexology consultations

Disclaimer: Please note - results are typical and vary from person to person.

Bridgitt genuinely cares about her client’s health and well-being. She has a positive outlook on life and is always spreading that positive energy to others. Over the past months I have learnt so much about nutrition as she includes it with reflexology. Thank you for your ongoing support. Love feet days


Hawke's Bay

I know Bridgitt to be very thorough, extremely knowledgeable, caring. Bridgitt comes from a Spiritual and Healing focus. I highly recommend Bridgitt for her high standards and level of ethics.


Hawke's Bay

Hi Bridgitt, Thank you for the most fabulous treatment, your hands are magic!! You mentioned about my kidneys and bladder, and I said no, nothing wrong there.  Turns out I have an infection in my urinary tract. Taking cranberry now. You are amazing, will absolutely recommend you.


Hawke's Bay

You are an amazing naturopath Bridgitt. You changed my life for the better with your expertise of all your qualified treatments. Your integrity, caring and professionalism is exceptional. I am every so grateful


Hawke's Bay

Bridgitt is amazing.  Not only does she heal you physically, she also heals your soul! I have been seeing Bridgitt for nearly five years, in which time she has been a fantastic healer and great person, I now call a friend. I totally recommend her services.



I made an appointment with Bridgitt as I was suffering with acne after coming off the contraception pill.
In my industry I sell cosmetics so having adult acne was affecting my self-esteem & confidence. 
I had tried lots of different pills & potions & just wasn't getting any results. 
I found by seeing Bridgitt every second week & doing reflexology in combination with natural health products provided by Bridgitt, finally helped start the clearing process of my skin. 

This was such a good feeling after 2 years of no break from the acne, i finally felt like my old self.

My confidence returned & I found myself happy making eye contact & holding my head high in front of my customers. 
I would definitely recommend booking an appointment with Bridgitt, she has such a kind & caring manner & I felt very comfortable in her presence. 
It's the power of the plants & the feet are connected to all parts of the body.  A must do for all those needing help like I did. 


Hawke's Bay

I met Bridgitt when she came to do a talk about Reflexology for a community group. I knew nothing about reflexology and had a lot of questions which Bridgitt was able to answer every time. She came across as a sensible, very warm character and immediately instilled confidence in her skills as a healer. I had numerous aches and pains from past injuries plus menopause and an autoimmune condition. Bridgitt was so passionate about the benefits of reflexology that I decided to give it a go. She took a history of my body problems, but some were so longstanding I had come to accept them in my life and forgot to mention them. Yet, when she was performing the technique, there would be a sudden very tight or sore bit: when she explained which part of the body it related to I would remember an injury to that part, e.g., I damaged my sacral iliac joint in a car accident which still causes me problems, but I had forgotten to mention it as it had been part of me for so long. Other interesting things were tingling or even twitching or spasms in the part of the body the reflexes related to as the tightness released. From the first session I have felt better. I also have been taking a herbal remedy she mixes up to assist with another health issue and feel a lot better in that regard also. I don't know if it is a coincidence, but after the first session I made some huge changes in my life that had been a long time coming, but until then I hadn't had the strength or belief to make them. I thoroughly recommend Bridgitt, her skills are superb.


Hawke's Bay