Testimonials - Ear Candling

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Thanks for the ear candling session with Braeden today Bridgitt. Your professional and caring manner, put him at ease straight away. He came in with a blocked right ear, possibly because of hayfever season, and walked out feeling totally relaxed and clear headed. He's definitely up for another session if he has the same problem again. Thanks again. 

Niki, Hawkes Bay

My turn for Ear Candling! Yay! At last, it was my turn to receive an Ear Candling treatment. Periodically i get an ear candling and Saturday was my lucky day! As i lay on my side, on the massage table, i could already feel my body relaxing. I don't know about you, but it kinda signals to me, its ok, stop for a while, let go and just breathe. Gentle music played in the background, as the tip of the ear candle was inserted into my ear and lit. No, don't worry this is not the same as a household candle. At first it felt odd feeling a foreign object in my ear, then i was soothed and lulled by the sound of the burning candle. Kinda like very light rain on a tin roof. After 3/4 of the candle had burnt, it was doused in water and i rolled over to my other side for that ear's turn. Afterwards when i sat up, i felt a wee bit dizzy and super relaxed. I could hear clearer and i didn't need my volume up so loud watching movies. The most exciting part was cutting the ear candles open to see what ear wax had been extracted. Fascinating to see that there were two different coloured ear wax in separate candles. 

Bridgitt, Hawke's Bay