Holistic Reflexology to Create Balance and prevent Dis-ease
Opotiki (including Whakatane rohe, Waioeka to Potaka, East Cape) is the Main Clinic for in-person Consultations.
Contact Bridgitt for Mobile Clinic Consultations.

Sit back, kick off your shoes and relax with Reflexology!


Reflex points are stimulated on the feet, hands and ears, which correspond to the body’s anatomy, thus helping create balance and preventing dis-ease. In clinic, I mainly work on feet and hands. 

Reflexology is a relaxing, safe, non-invasive, ancient holistic therapy, dating back to early China and the tombs of Egypt.

Bridgitt invites you to sit back in her chair, kick off your shoes and  ​encounter a deep state of relaxation and stillness of mind, inviting nurturing and healing to begin.​ With this relaxed state comes clarity, providing focus and direction for a more balanced outlook on life.


Bridgitt is a professional Reflexologist with her clinic conveniently located Opotiki, Eastern Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. She is also available for mobile treatments.


Free 15 minute Phone Chat: 027 2843781


I offer a free 15 minute phone chat where we can discuss prior to treatment any concerns you may have.


As a thank you from me, receive $10.00 off your next treatment when you refer and book a friend in. Remind your friend to mention your name. Offer does not include promotional offers. Only 1 x discount allowed per treatment.


Your investment: 50% Qoin payment accepted on all 60-90 minutes Reflexology treatments. Chat with Bridgitt about 50% Barter options for any therapies over 60 minutes.

Dip Your Toes In

A 45 minute mini-treatment in a warm, safe environment, allowing you to experience a deep state of relaxation to decrease stress and nurture your wellbeing on all levels. 


Take your shoes off and let my fingers do the talking.


No Naturopath advice is given


Your investment:

$50.00 = 45 minutes

Pimp Your Feet

A 60 minute treatment to kick back and unwind in a warm, safe environment with soft music playing in the background.


Experience a deep state of relaxation to decrease stress and nurture your wellbeing on all levels. 

This is your time to stop the clock, leave your worries at the door and be

transported to another world.

No Naturopath advice is given


Your investment:

$60.00 = 60 minutes

PIMP YOUR FEET PACKAGE: $210.00 Buy 3 x 60 minute treatments for $180.00 and receive your 4th x 60 minute treatment for $30.00.


Tapping for Gold – The Best of Both Worlds 


A 60 minute mini-health treatment where your medical history and any medications are briefly discussed. Here you will experience a deep state of relaxation to improve circulation, revitalise your energy and enhance your body’s natural healing ability. 


Brief Naturopath advice is given from any imbalances found on your feet.


Your investment:

$80.00 = 60 minutes


Tapping for Gold Offer only: I recommend a block treatment of 3 x sessions to begin your journey.

TAPPING FOR GOLD PACKAGE: $280.00 Buy 3 x 60 minute treatments for $240.00 and receive your 4th x 60 minute treatment for $40.00.

Reflexology may assist with (to name a few)

A balanced state of wellbeing and preventing disease

Decrese stress and anxiety

Increasing circulation (nerve & blood supply)

Reducing stress and muscle tension

Relieving pain

Cleansing toxins and impurities

Weight loss through decreased oedema

Women/Men’s reproductive health


Provide holistic clarity regarding direction

Hormonal (Endocrine) balance

Create better sleeping habits

Relieve constipation

Improve Sinusitis and Hayfever

I am a Professional Member of Reflexology New Zealand (RNZ). RNZ is a supportive national association with Diploma level standards, a code of ethics and practice and annual practising certificate. Professional members have their qualifications examined and accreditation certificates issued when they meet the education standards. By choosing a Professional member of Reflexology New Zealand the public are offered reassurance that their care is being provided by a qualified Practitioner.