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World Reflexology Week and Holistic Health

Let me tell you a wee foot story for World Reflexology Week. It’s not to scare you off, merely to explain how powerful, healing and holistic Reflexology can be.


Some folk are aware that Reflexology is a foot treatment that works over the entire body. Some folk believe it’s similar to and just a foot massage. Some folk believe length of treatment relates to your desired outcome


Yesterday i had a sensitive client receive 45 minutes Reflexology for vertigo. I had not seen this client for 12 months. I explained i could work on the reflexes that related to ear, sinus, neck, shoulders, muscles in those areas, between the shoulder blades and add a touch of Lymphatic Drainage. I actually worked much more.


My client could feel sensations throughout her body as we worked corresponding body parts. She talked throughout the entire treatment. 10mins before we finished i asked her, was there something happening in her life that she didn’t want to hear or know about?


Well, that opened my client up to another level of healing. We spoke at length about this issue then my client left and went home

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Within two hours of leaving, my client had an intense purging event that last for about two hours. I kept in close contact to monitor her and this morning she said she had a good night sleep and feeling way better.


That experience folks, was a holistic balancing and healing on all levels for this client. Remember as well, she had not received for 12 months and the small amount of Lymphatic Drainage plus Reflexology acted as a wee physical detox as well. This morning she awoke a very determined lady and already making personal changes and putting boundaries in place.


Remember folk, we are all from different strokes and our state of wellbeing is not like the next person. Not everybody experiences this same intensity of healing. I believe, the holistic healing energy of Reflexology goes where it needs to, that’s called homeostasis and holistic health at its best!


Ahhhhhhhh, love, love, love Reflexology!!!!! 👣💜👣👣💜👣💜

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