Hormonal (Endocrine) Balance

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Hormonal Balance


The Endocrine (Hormonal) system is made up of glands that produce and secrete hormones throughout the body, a bit like a chemical messenger, that regulate the activity of the cells or organs to balance your homones.


How will a hormonal imbalance affect me?


Growth and development
Metabolism - digestion, elimination, breathing, blood circulation and maintaining body temperature
Thyroid function
Sexual function
Reproduction in both male (prostate, fertility) and female (puberty, periods, fertility, menopause, PCOS and Insulin Resistance)
Skin Health
Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
Stress reponse, Adrenal Fatigue

Stress is a huge contributor and a silent disruptor to the Endocrine System. This then has a "ripple-on" effect throughout the body.


In my clinic I constantly see an imbalance between the adrenals, reproductive, thyroid and pancreas.


I have found that if one gland is out of balance, then this affects all the other glands.


Therapies to rebalance your Endocrine System


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