Cleanse and Revitalise!

Health tips: Lympatic System

Cleanse and Revitalise!


Hi folks!


Christmas and New Year have come and gone and a fabulous Art Deco weekend has just passed. The kids are back at school. Now it’s your time. Your time to Cleanse and Revitalise to gain back your healthy glow, lose weight, feel more alive and energised. Your journey to wellness starts right here.


Boosting a sluggish Lymphatic System will help increase the exchange of toxins and healthy nutrients, as well as reduce oedema (fluid swelling) and begin the process of Cleansing and Revitalising you and your body. Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (via the feet) can aid this exchange to effectively reduce Lymphoedema, inflammation, pain, acne and other skin conditions, post-surgery inflammation and scarring, weight loss, Carpal Tunnel symptoms, and heavy metal and chemical poisoning.

We may be having extreme heat temperatures at present, however Autumn is not far off and Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage can also boost your immune system helping you recover faster from any colds and flu lurking around.


I also offer a FREE 15 minute chat if you would like to find out more about how I can help you achieve your goals of health and wellbeing. Please use the contact details below or on the Contact Me page. 

Your journey to wellness starts here!